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Horeeee... Hoorayyy... Akhirnya bisa ngenet pake ipad huahuaahuahauhua. Ya yaaa gadget asik yang sulit dibeli oleh manusia jakarta pinggiran ini dibawa oleh keponakankyu dari oman. Gela gela dia berlimpah gadget asik gitu hadiah dari macem2 arghhhh ngiriiii

Anyway, Di hari libur ini masa gw merasa sangat sibuk. Ngurusin ponakan lah. Apa lah. Gk bisa kemana mana padahal belum ketemuan sama mbak peniko bogorrrr. Grrr gw harus beli or ngosongin harddisk dulu nih demi harta!

Kalo punya uang mau ganti modem





I got 2 free tickets to watch this film.
after all the struggling at trans jakarta (it is very crowd in the evening. i dont wanna work in that area someday) we (nyanya) arrived at Grand Indonesia. We lost. Sumpah maap banget deh ini emang anak kampung dari pinggiran Jakarta dan  Tangerang yang ga apal peta GI. We lost at 8th floor trying to find entrance way to Blitz and blamed the management for making this mall so huge.
Anyhoo, we got Total Film magz (last month's edition, but it is ok since i never buy film magz), free popcorn and water.
I was craving for Pan Ya, but we were lazy to walk to the next mall. But i got maquis! Oh, my rare cheese cake.

Right to the film.
The opening feels like an old movie. its color? its scene? or the actress? xD
Ben Stiller looks so gloomy, a freeter, until Nyanya said "he looks like Nino, no?".
YES. the character and the appearance is fit for Nino. I can imagine the japan version with Nino and Suzuki Anne (Greta looks like Suzuki Anne at Hana and Alice: big eyes, awkward, etc)
Suddenly, this film looks very interesting. Feels like watching Nino's movie in older Bule version. Since Nyanya already told me that Greenberg doesnt have plot, i expect the weird ending. Yeah, not weird but it is an understandable ending if you used to watch a weird Japanese Movie. Some people groaned, they didnt understand about the ending. But Nyanya and I totally excited and liked this movie. We love ben stiller and Nino and witty story and great quotes.

But, otw home we were stuck at traffic jam. at 10pm. i was so exhausted. Poor nyanya, she got stomachache and didn't get a seat.
Next time i got another free ticket, i will sleep over at Kepu or Cendana!


There is a place called Teletubbies Park in FISIP. It is more like a ... hmm what it is called, place for gladiator fights.
This evening, after a long super exhausted day shooting for task, my friends and I went to Teletubbies.
We put a tripod with handy-cam.

And theeeeen we recorded our self: we danced Abracadabra, Breath (Miss A), and do some parody of Listen-Charice (at Glee 1st episode season 2).
Amazing, there are LOTS people around us (Teletubbies is located beside Takor -FISIP canteen-) but noone noticed. Or maybe they pretended not to notice. Idk but i love this individualistic atmosphere! I can dance crazily without worrying other people's dirty look LOL


Healing Device


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i still have 2 papers and 1 exam left. still have no idea about the paper. arggh. what kind of thing should i write about Global Communication, culture imperialism, or media imperialism? i wanna write about japanese influence to indonesian people, specifically about Johnny's. about their brilliant strategy to reach the consumer (publishing their own magz containing the Johnny's photos, making tv programme for each group, CM, radio programme). but i'm confused about the source. anyone knows about this?


sho is my miyabi?


fall again

 it took 2 weeks (minimum) to forget someone and heal this broken heart *dangdut banget*
just when i'm about to move on, he appeared. 

now i need another weeks/months to get rid of him IF he hasn't decide. 
if he choose A: i need to support him and wish he realize he chose the wrong option
if he choose B: i need to trust him

enough with this boring subject!

now, DORAMA!

i watched MR. BRAIN, no need to worry if you have kimutaku and western music as OST. it would be a great drama!

i watched BOSS. oh, i heart yutaka takenouchi, older = cuter. forgive me, i have this uncle-type fetish. ahem. junpei is SO cute there, kyaaa. not to mention mr.tamayama, aaahhh *hug*.  in this dorama, erika toda doesn't seem so annoying like in other doramas, i think it's because she has this geek character. not an-oh-i'm-pretty-and-cute. worth to watch. 

i rewatch Ima Ai Ni Yukimasu, and still cry after that. aah. so sweet. unfortunately narimiya hiroki looks too young to be a father. but i  love him anyway. hoho.

have you ever watch PV TVXQ-Stand By You-Sweet Room Version? OMG. you should see narimiya there, no wonder a magazine called him HOT GUY. grr. i feel like watch western movie >.<

one week left for holiday, i reaaally do nothing these past 3 days. only eating-watching some dramas-playing with my nephews (tomorrow they will go to Oman, hope i can meet them again next year, it will be so quiet at home). hoping my brother in law will get a job in japan/korea next year so i can visit them + go shopping @jhonny's shop. but he said he prefer work at place where he can get halal food easily, so japan is not quite an option T.T

ahh. i wanna have a husband like that, travelling around the world~ AMIN.


rasanya seperti belum makan seminggu dan lo disodorin makanan super enak tapi dihiasi remah remah paku payung.
u need it to be alive but it's painful. but u need it anyway.

and this is not the first time.



so lonely. only monkey accompany. pret.
somehow this pose looks pathetic.

my nephews are sleeping over at the other grandma for a week. my house become quiet. i dont even wanna play wii without them.
i miss them already. though i'm not a good auntie. instead of teach them to write or just read them some stories/encyclopedia i would watch video and ask them to join.
things i watched were: minimoni (perhaps it's still appropriate for a 3 and 5 year old)
PERFUME CONCERTS! hahaha. we watched One Room Disco (disuko-disuko)
and when i closed the media player and about to shut down the laptop, my 3-year-old nephew asked,

"kok dimatiin? mana BI-CHU-KO BI-CHU-KO?"
dasar tuyul kecil lucu. di-su-ko became bi-chu-ko.

i remembered watching sailormoon live action with my first nephew. i taught him the pose "MOON PRISM POWER, MAKE UP!" eventhough he is a boy. ehem. my bad.

ah, internet connection at RTC finally recovered.
my oasis is back. nyam!